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Excellent Craftsmen Visited Liugong Global Customer Experience Center in LVTC

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From News Center (Reported bLi Beitu, pictures by Chen Dong, Zhang Yingfeng and Feng Meiying from the School of Automotive Engineering In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions of Building an Labor Army of Knowledge, Skills, and Innovation, to promote the spirits of model workers, excellent craftsmen, and boost high-quality development of enterprises, and to improve the construction of a strong manufacturing country, Liuzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Liugong Group Machinery Co., Ltd hosted the event of Craftsmen of Great Powers into Liugong from July 9th to 11th, which was sponsored by China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association and Federation of Trade Unions of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Guangxi Machinery Industry Federation.

On the afternoon of July 9, Lu Xindi, an excellent craftsman, from FAW Jiefang Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. He is a senior technician , an expert and inventor on engine assembly and adjustment. He is named King of Diesel Engine Debugging, who has been awarded National Model Worker, Chinese Skills Award , National Technical Expert, 13th National Representatives of the National People’s Congress. He takes the special government allowance of the State Council, the leader of the national skill master studio, the leader of the national model worker innovation studio), accompanied by Liugong skill masters Peng Zhifeng, He Haifeng and other members, visited LiuGong Global Customer Experience Center in LVTC. Dean Wu Xing took Lu Xindi, the Craftsman of Great Power, to LVTC and introduced the course of cooperation between LVTC and Liugong, as well as the facilities and equipment of the Global Customer Experience Center.

Lu Xindi highly praised the in-depth cooperation mode between LVTC and Liugong, saying that that was the best cooperation mode he had seen in China; he was also very excited to experience VR engine  technology for the first time, saying that the technology greatly reduced the learning difficulty and cost.

At the same time, in the smart classroom of the experience center, expert Lu Xindi, shared his growth and work experience, and let us understand how he grew from an ordinary worker to an outstanding craftsman of great power.

Through his experience, he told us that to grow into an outstanding craftsmanone must endure loneliness, neither be impetuous, nor give up, and stick to ordinary positions for a long time before they could be in blossom and bear fruit.


Lu Xindi (second from right)


Lu Xindi experienced VR engine technology for the first time


Great craftsmens experience sharing session

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