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School of International Education Organizes Entrance Education for Freshmen of 2021

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From News Center (Reported by Zhang Jinyezi from the International Exchange Office, photo by Liu Zhirong from Converged Media Center of LVTC ) In order to help the international students understand LVTC and integrate into the school as soon as possible,and strengthen their identity management and daily management, on the afternoon of September 8, 2021, the School of International Education organized an entrance education for 2021 freshmen, which included two parts: campus visiting and safety & discipline educating.

  At 14:30, under the guidance of counselors the freshmen visited the Exhibition Hall of Liuzhou vocational education, Logistics Management Training Base, School of Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodle, Industrial Robot Training Base, Liugong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center, SAIC Volkswagen Guangxi Training Center and SAIC-GM-Wuling Smart Car Training Center. The students were amazed by the advanced training equipment. In the AR/VR smart training room of the School of Automotive Engineering, the students experienced the VR software of construction machinery, in which the freshmen was so interested that they were reluctant to leave.

  After the touring, the School of International Education organized the students to take the safety and discipline classes. In order to ensure the effect, a group of eight leaders and police officers from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and Guantang Police Station,Liudong Branch of Liuzhou Public Security Bureau were invited to the classrooms to provide guidance, welcoming them to Liuzhou to study, and reminding them of observing the residency discipline during their stay in Liuzhou. At the meeting, Deputy Director Wu Zhaohui introduced the school’s management regulations in detail, including student status management, leave system, dormitory management, etc. He also reminded the international students of the safety issues they might encounter during their stay and studies in China. After the meeting, every international student signed the Safety Notice of Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College.


The Police officers from the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Liuzhou Public Security Bureau provide relevant guidance to the international students


Deputy Director Wu Zhaohui conducts entrance education for the international students



Touring School of Finance and Logistics Management


Visiting the automatic production line of river snail rice noodles


Experiencing AR/VR Smart Training Room

College website reviewer: Wei Linhua, International Exchange Office